The DoctorEdit

The First Doctor - William Hartnell

The Second Doctor - Patrick Troughton

The Third Doctor - Jon Pertwee

The Fourth Doctor - Tom Baker

The Fifth Doctor - Peter Davison

The Sixth Doctor - Colin Baker

The Seventh Doctor - Sylvester McCoy

The Eighth Doctor- Paul McGann

The War Doctor - John Hurt

The Ninth Doctor - Christopher Eccleston

The Tenth Doctor - David Tennant

The Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith

The Twelfth Doctor - Peter Capaldi

Doubles for the DoctorEdit

The First Doctor - Brian Proudfoot

The First Doctor - Edmund Warwick

The First Doctor - Albert Ward

The First Doctor - Gordon Craig

The First Doctor - John Guilor

The Second Doctor - Chris Jeffries

The Second Doctor - Peter Diamond

The Second Doctor - Tom Laird

The Third Doctor - Terry Walsh

The Fourth Doctor - Terry Walsh

The Twelfth Doctor - Corey Taylor

Other Manifestations of the DoctorEdit

Robot Doctor - Edmund Warwick

Adrian Gibbs - The Watcher

The Valeyard - Michael Jayston

The Valeyard (Mr. Popplewick) - Geoffrey Hughes

Meta-Crisis - David Tennant

DoctorDonna - Catherine Tate

Dream Lord - Toby Jones

The Ganger Doctor - Matt Smith

Audio Doctors Edit

Alternate Reality Valeyard - Michael Jayston

Valeyard - Michael Jayston Alternative Doctor - Geoffrey Bayldon

Alternative Doctor - David Warner

Alternative Doctor - David Collings

Alternative Doctor - Ian Brooker

Alternative Doctor - Arabella Weir

Alternative Doctor - Nicholas Briggs

The Third Doctor - Nicholas Briggs

The Fourth Doctor - Trevor Martin

Clone of the Second Doctor - David Troughton

Webcast Edit

The Shalka Doctor - Richard E. Grant

Parodies, Productions and Sketches Edit

The Ninth Doctor - Rowan Atkinson

The Tenth Doctor - Richard E. Grant

The Eleventh Doctor - Jim Broadbent

The Twelfth Doctor - Hugh Grant

The Thirteenth Doctor - Joanna Lumley

The Ninth Doctor - Mark Gatiss

Alternative Doctor - Lenny Henry

Alternative Doctor - Jim Broadbant

The Third Doctor - John Field

The Second and a Half Doctor - Tony Garner

The Foot Doctor - Sylvester McCoy

The Fourth Doctor - Paul Jones

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