Season 1Edit

An Unearthly Child

  • An Unearthly Child
  • The Cave of Skulls
  • The Forest of Fear
  • The Firemaker

The Daleks

  • The Dead Planet
  • The Suvivors
  • The Escape
  • The Ambush
  • The Expedition
  • The Ordeal
  • The Rescue

The Edge of Destruction

  • The Edge of Destruction
  • The Brink of Disaster

Marco Polo

  • The Roof of the World
  • The Singing Sands
  • Five Hundred Eyes
  • The Wall of Lies
  • Rider from Shang-Tu
  • Mighty Kublai Khan
  • Assassin at Peking

The Keys of Marinus

  • The Sea of Death
  • The Velvet Web
  • The Screaming Jungle
  • The Snows of Terror
  • Sentence of Death
  • The Keys of Marinus

The Aztecs

  • The Temple of Death
  • The Warriors of Death
  • The Bride of Sacrifice
  • The Day of Darkness

The Sensorites

  • Strangers in Space
  • The Unwilling Warriors
  • Hidden Danger
  • A Race Against Death
  • Kidnap
  • A Desperate Venture

The Reign of Terror

  • A Land of Fear
  • Guest of Madame Guillotine
  • A Change of Identity
  • The Tyrant of France
  • A Bargain of Necessity
  • Prisoners of Conciergerie

Planet of Giants

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